Investment in the stock market is subject to market risk, we DO NOT offer any guaranteed profit services or Fixed Returns Services. We DO NOT provide any assurance or guarantee of profit or returns with any of our services. Trading in the Stock Market may result in Partial or Complete loss of Gains as well as Initial Capital. Before taking our Research Alerts Services & any services of Shrimoney firm, Clients should read carefully the Disclaimer, Legal disclaimer, terms and conditions, refund policy and other policies of our company. We do not provide any recommendation or any services through Telegram/ Instagram/Etc . We DO NOT accept payment of Research Alerts Service fee in any personal or Individual bank account, all payments made should be done in Shrimoney current account only.. Investing and Trading in stock market is risky. It Involves both profit and loss, Due to leverage both profit and loss are exaggerated, our research service gives research alerts for trading ideas in which both target and stop loss is mentioned, however execution of trade is solely the responsibility of the client. We DO NOT provide any trade execution services. All our research alerts are to be considered only as a reference tool and clients should not consider our research alerts as Personal Investment/Trading Research in any condition. We DO NOT take any responsibility for any losses that the User may incur.

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About Our Company

Shrimoney leading stock research providing firm in India operating under the domain and brand name “”. We provide high-quality research services to our clients, which helps our clients to make better decisions for themselves. We are one of the few firms in India which specialize in Intraday Options Trading research providing service. Our aim is to provide our clients the highest quality stock/FnO research so that the client’s trading experience is better with the analysis provided by us.

9 Golden Rules for Trading in Stock Market

Choose the right stocks
Take calculated risks
Do thorough research
Take expert's help
Never be emotional
Redressal of grievance
Use stop loss
Don't be greedy
Never take decision based on rumors

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